Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rees Girls

I know I say each session is my favorite and it is true...I love each session for different reasons. Mostly because I love every one I get to take pictures of! I love these beautiful little girls. We had so much fun! For mom, I know it is stressful to get everyone dressed, hair done, happy, with no fighting and tears during the process. It is A LOT of work! At first, Kinsey, the oldest sister, didn't want to take her pictures. She thought she was WAY to cool for me! Ha but then I brought my little bag of tricks! Bubble gum?! Rock candy suckers? By the end of our session she yelled, "This is the best day EVER!!" I thought so too, cute girls!

Sherwood Family

Today, I would like to share with you the most adorable little boys! I am especially obsessed with the wee one, Graham. Doesn't he look just like a cream puff?! This family is my favorite, not just cuz they are my nephews, but because they are so sweet, quiet, and easy to take lots of pictures of. Dana is one lucky lady to be surrounded by the cutest boys on the block!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Brooke {Seniors}

Brooke is gorgeous. Brooke is photogenic. Charming, independent, sweet, lovely, I could keep going! I had a taste of fashion photography with her and it is intoxicating! If Brooke goes into the 'real world' with half of the amount of ease and confidence as I saw, she will have the world in her hands!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rice Family

Oh my goodness! Cute Capri set the tone for this photo shoot as she started off running! She reminded me that I am not in charge! I really loved it though, because the pictures turned out more genuine and perfect for the time in these parent's life. Chasing a toddler, feeding and nurturing a newborn, all the while staying in love and making it look easy! Whew! It is all so rewarding for me when I can catch the candid, sweet moments. Hudson surprising me with a smile, Capri rolling around in a blanket on the grass while giggling, and Koryn and Chris being so chill and easy to work with. I love this family and love taking their pictures every year!